The Most Luxurious Koh Samui Villas 2014

The island of Samui is so beautiful that it is the perfect place to indulge and experience everything great that life has to offer. It is a bountiful tropical island that is blessed with natural resources and beautiful white sand beaches. Staying in Samui will be twice more fun and enjoyable if you book in one of the most luxurious Koh Samui villas available. Here are some of them.


Villa Sila

One of the most gorgeous villas in Koh Samui is Villa Sila. This island home is perfect for 14 people and is known for its traditional structure and modern amenities. Everything about this villa is luxurious, from its beachfront location to the woodwork on the ceiling to its generous living spaces. There are 8 lovely bedrooms at this villa, the last one being a bunk bedroom which can be used by the children.

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Villa Sila boasts well maintained landscapes and beautifully faces the blue sea. Just a few meters away from the outdoor lounge areas is the mocha colored sand that borders the relaxing blue water. The ambience here is very peaceful—it’s like being in your own private haven where it is only about nature and tropical fun.

Aside from the beach, one of the attractions at Villa Sila is the swimming pool. Like most Koh Samui villa rentals, this has a huge swimming pool and a nice tropical garden to complement the beauty of the beach. At the villa, guests can swim no matter what time of day and be able to enjoy the tranquil scenery.

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Every part of this Koh Samui villa was designed to impress. It has a living area that houses an indoor lounge and an elegant dining table. Light colored wood is used for the interiors, creating a more refreshing look. All throughout this lovely Koh Samui villa are lounge areas. Comfortable chairs and charming coffee tables provide additional seating areas for guests so everyone can find their favorite spot while on a holiday. Like most Koh Samui villas, Villa Sila has an al fresco dining area where guests can have their meals while being able to enjoy the fresh breeze and the tranquil sea views.

Villa Acacia

Also one of the top luxury Koh Samui villas is Villa Acacia. This is a 4-bedroom retreat and was designed for 8 people. This is one of the finest luxury villas Koh Samui has to offer and is set right at the beach so it is perfect for those who are dreaming of the ultimate Samui holiday.

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Relaxing outdoors and well designed interiors are only some of the things guests will love about Villa Acacia. Views of the beach will take your breath away. The water is clear and blue, while the sand is powdery and is a pleasure to feel against your bare feet.

Within the property is a well maintained landscape and an abundance of tropical trees. Carefully lined pathways lead to the bedrooms and other key parts of the villa. Like in the case of most luxurious Koh Samui villas, plenty of wood is used for the structure, creating a homey vibe that is unique to the tropics.

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Every inch of the villa is a tribute to understated luxury from its stylish bedrooms to its state of the art amenities. This Koh Samui accommodation is comparable to 5 star hotels and luxury resorts, but with a better feel because of more privacy and more customized service.

Unique Thai accents and home décor are used for the villas interiors and gardens. From the warm Oriental colors to the natural shades of greens provided by the tropical plants, at Villa Acacia, your stress and worries will be far away. Guests have access to the internet and a gym while here. In addition, the villa is secure 24/7.

Villa Hibiscus

Koh Samui villas come in different types, sizes, and themes. Koh Samui villas on the beach are very popular because they offer the best island experience. There really is nothing better than having a private retreat that is only mere steps from the sandy beach. Villa Hibiscus allows you to enjoy the cooling breeze and luxuriate in dramatic beach views that can be seen from most parts of the villa.

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At Villa Hibiscus, there are plenty of spots that could be your favorite. First is the pool area. Most villas in Samui have their own swimming pool to take advantage of the temperate climate. Here, the pool is big and is okay for all the guests. You can also indulge at the outdoor sala where you can read a book or have a massage or a pedicure.

The beach is so peaceful and is the best backdrop to an unforgettable Samui holiday. Whether it is early in the morning or nearing sunset, you will be rewarded with picture perfect scenery no matter where you are at Villa Hibiscus.

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Guests will certainly feel spoiled while here. There is a well maintained garden, plenty of lounge areas, and reliable high speed internet. The villa also boasts a very impressive kitchen, complete with Western style kitchen appliances. The structure of the villa is smart. The rooms are open, the ceilings are high, and the doors are sliding glass. All throughout the day, the villa is kept cool by ceiling fans and air conditioning units.

Amenities matter when you look for a place to stay on the island. At Villa Hibiscus, it’s like staying at a fabulous hotel, only better. The bathrooms are spacious and feature modern fixtures and bath essentials. The bedrooms are well decorated and all have comfortable beds. Specially chosen Thai décor are also used for the living room and the bedrooms. The bedrooms also feature outdoor furnishings and amazing views.

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Thailand villas are great options for guests who prefer a more private accommodation. These three villas offer seclusion and privacy and boast excellent service that will make you feel special all throughout your stay. In addition, they also allow guests to luxuriate in the beauty of the beach.